Reprocessed UHMW

Duro-Glide® Reprocessed UHMW

These reground Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) sheets are manufactured from reprocessed, or recycled UHMW. With a minimum molecular weight of 3.1 million, these sheets offer a less expensive alternative when sheet color isn’t an issue.

Even More Duro-Glide® Choices

Duro-Glide® Virgin Colors UHMW sheets have good sliding properties and meet FDA regulations for food contact.

Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW sheets are blended with special additives to improve the wear and abrasion resistance beyond our standard Virgin sheets.


We maintain a large inventory of UHMW-PE and engineered plastics in our 50,000-square-foot facility.

Sheet Sizing

We offer 4′ x 10′ standard sheets in thicknesses from 1/4″ up to 4″. Custom cuts are also available.

On-Site Laboratory

Our world-class Development and Analytical Center consists of a Mil-Spec laboratory that tests our products to ISO and ASTM standards.

Reprocessed UHMW


Good sliding properties

A low coefficient of friction

Good notched impact strength


Conveyor Industry


General Purpose


Non-FDA Uses

UHMW Reprocessed Omniblend


Combination of recycled black and natural particles of finely reground UHMW-PE polymer.

UHMW Reprocessed Green

Reprocessed Green

Combination of recycled green and natural particles of finely reground UHMW-PE polymer.

UHMW Reprocessed Omniblenda


Multi-colored particles of finely reground (recycled) UHMW-PE polymer.

Reprocessed UHMW 711-R Gray

711-R Gray

Lubricated and a blend of additives makes a very low coefficient of friction. Extremely quiet, eliminating noise from chains running across.  Ideal for conveyor systems, chain tracks, and curves. Reprocessed version of 711 Gray.

UHMW Reprocessed Blue 595

595 Reprocessed Lubricated Blue

Combination of recycled blue and natural particles of finely reground UHMW-PE polymer. Sheet is lubricated and includes UV inhibitor.

UHMW Enhanced Black Ice 180

180 Glacier Black

Unique composition has a molecular weight of 3-4 million. Specifically designed to maximize slip and provide long-term stability in applications. It is recyclable.

Duro-Glide® Reprocessed UHMW-PE Sample Request

Not sure if Reprocessed UHMW is right for your application? Perhaps a sample will do the trick! Give us your project details and we will ship the samples to you that best meet your requirements. 

Provide as much detail as possible so that we can get you the information and/or samples that will best fit your application.