Enhanced UHMW

Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW

These sheets of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) are a high-performance version of our Virgin Colors of UHMW sheets. They have a higher molecular weight and are more impact and wear-resistant. Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW sheets feature special additives that target specific properties to meet the toughest and most demanding applications.

Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW sheets are 7 to 9 million molecular weight. They are available with the following special additives and properties: Internally Lubricated, High Heat Resistance, Impact and Wear Resistance, and Special  Additives.

Even More Duro-Glide® Choices

Duro-Glide® Virgin Colors UHMW sheets have good sliding properties and meet FDA regulations for food contact.

Duro-Glide® Reprocessed UHMW sheets are great when sheet color isn’t an issue but being cost-effective in your purchasing is.


We maintain a large inventory of UHMW-PE and engineered plastics in our 50,000-square-foot facility.

Sheet Sizing

We offer 4′ x 10′ standard sheets in thicknesses from 1/4″ up to 4″. Custom cuts are also available.

On-Site Laboratory

Our world-class Development and Analytical Center consists of a Mil-Spec laboratory that tests our products to ISO and ASTM standards.

Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW

Internally Lubricated

Duro-Glide UHMW Enhanced Yellow 181

321 UltraLube

Our lowest coefficient of friction lubricated formula. Lubricant is uniformly dispersed for continued lubricity throughout the cross-section. Reduces tendency to “stick-slip” under intermittent dynamic loads.

UHMW Enhanced Blue Weldable

589 Blue Weldable

Non-stick surface is ideal for scenarios where sticking or caking creates a material build-up and flow issues. This formula is weldable.

UHMW Colored Virgin Brown

845 Brown Oil Filled

Designed for the conveying industry.  Enhanced lubricated oil filler helps with high-speed chains or heavy dry run areas of conveying systems. Reduces noise with excellent gliding properties. Great impact strength and abrasion resistance. 

UHMW Enhanced Gray Lube 703

703 Solid Lube

Lubricated additive dramatically enhances non-stick properties. Most common in the food industry. FDA compliant.

Enhanced UHMW Gray 711

711 Gray

Lubricated and a blend of additives makes a very low coefficient of friction. Extremely quiet, eliminating noise from chains running across.  Ideal for conveyor systems, chain tracks, and curves. FDA compliant.

UHMW Enhanced Black Dry Glide 912

Dry Glide 912 Antistatic

Formulation designed for conveying, packaging, canning, and material handling industries. Excellent in dry run conveyor applications.  Antistatic filler additive reduces the static buildup on fast-moving equipment.

High Heat Resistant

UHMW Enhanced Red HT

354 Red HT with UV Inhibitor

Lubricated, heat-stabilized, wear-resistant formula often used for truck liners, chutes, and hoppers.

UHMW Colored Virgin Gray

597 Hi Temp Wear

Great in high-temperature conditions. Additives block oxidation which can break apart lesser UHMW sheets.

UHMW Enhanced White HT

925 Hi Temp White

Unique antioxidant protects it from breaking down in extreme temperatures. Material is designed to effectively operate under lower loads with an upper temp range of 275° F.

Impact and Wear Resistant

UHMW Enhanced Red 385

385 Red

High compression strength and Shore D hardness. Corrosion and abrasion-resistant. Non-stick release for material flow makes it ideal for lining trucks and heavy equipment.

UHMW Enhanced Blue Weldable

589 Blue Weldable

Non-stick surface is ideal for scenarios where sticking or caking creates a material build-up and flow issues.

UHMW Enhanced Blue Wear 588

588 Blue Wear

Special fillers provide enhances wear resistance and a very low coefficient of friction. Used to solve material flow issues.


UHMW Enhanced GF Green

675 Green Glass Filled

Enhanced with a glass filler, it provides great abrasion resistance.

UHMW Enhanced Yellow 181

181 Yellow

Extreme abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistant, excellent impact strength. Ideal as a protective liner for off-road vehicles and earthmoving and mining equipment.

Special Applications

UHMW Enhanced Black Ice 180

180 Glacier Black

Unique composition has a molecular weight of 3-4 million. Specifically designed to maximize slip and provide long-term stability in applications. It is recyclable.

UHMW Enhanced Black 931

931 Black Antistatic

Permanent antistatic/static reduced.  Used where static electricity is undesirable. FDA compliant and meets cleanliness class FDA 21 CFR §178.3297. 931. 

UHMW Colored Virgin Natural

995 Antimicrobial

Excellent antimicrobial protection. Ideal for bottling, dairy, bakery. Used for conveying systems in the fish, beef, and poultry industries. FDA compliant. 

UHMW Enhanced Black 983

983 Black Glass Filled

Enhanced with glass filler with high abrasion resistance. The formula is pigmented black for outdoor use, is UV-stabilized, and is antistatic.

Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW-PE Sample Request

Not sure if the color will be a match for your application or if UHMW is what you need? Perhaps a sample will do the trick! Give us your project details and we will ship the samples to you that best meet your requirements.

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