Airboat Bottom Sheets

Protect your vessel with the highest-performing airboat polymer UHMW sheet available.

Mother Nature Tested. Gator Tough.


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Install with Ease

Sheets bend around fiberglass and aluminum hulls. No welding required.

UHMW Airboat Sizing

Sizing Options

Multiple sheet sizing options available. Custom, too!

Gatorback™ Polymer UHMW Airboat Bottom Sheets

Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) sheets are tough.  Think of it like body armor for your aluminum or fiberglass hull.   

Made from specially blended UHMW-PE, Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer sheets are famous for great impact and wear resistance. Their slick surface will help guide your boat safely and efficiently through the toughest terrain while protecting your hull and extending its life.

Gatorback™ sheets are formulated to withstand everything from the South’s extreme wear and tear of Florida’s Everglades and swamps to the icy conditions of the North.  It’s Everglade and Frozen Tundra tested, and it’s Gator Tough!

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Gatorback Gray

Gatorback™ Gray

Gatorback Black

Gatorback™ Black

Gatorback GXP

Gatorback™ GXP

Airboat Bottom Sheets


Available Options

Various UHMW sheet colors and sizes are available.

  • Colors: Gatorback™ Gray  |  Gatorback™ Black  | Gatorback™ GXP

  • Standard Sizes: 48″ x 120″  |  80″ x 160″ 


Sheet Thickness is Key

A range of thicknesses is available.

1/4″  |  5/16″  |  3/8″  |  1/2″

Gatorback UHMW Hull

We’re the leader in UHMW airboat polymer sheets.  Use Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer UHMW sheet for improved performance and a smooth ride on the toughest surfaces. Install confidence and protection on your vessel!

Brad Klingel

President, Duro-Glide® Polymer Sheets